Table Quotes Stock Market Widget

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Table Quotes Stock Market Widget

Table (quotes) widget provides a way to display the latest quotes and other important metrics in a tabular form. You can customize the widget to display assets (stocks, currencies etc) and the data fields (such as volume, shares outstanding, market cap, day low & high etc) you need.

Table widget with inline chart

Table widget with header chart

Table widget with default sort by market cap

Table widget with pagination

Table widget with calculated fields

Widget features

Intraday (delayed) market data
Ability to choose any available asset (stock, currency pair, ETF etc)
Ability to add custom internal or external links
Ability to display multi-period charts in the table header
Ability to display inline charts with predefined range
Ability to choose displayed columns
Ability to hide table header
Calculated fields
One-click sorting support
Pagination support
Search support
Color customization support
Ability to customize widget style further with CSS
Animated data loading indicator

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