Premium Stock Market Widgets

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Feature rich stock & forex market widgets

Widgets, that provide additional info about particular stock (company).
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Simple widgets, which can be embedded into text paragraphs.
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Call-to-action links and buttons with embedded stock quotes.
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Inline blocks with live stock quotes.
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Block widgets with live quotes and charts.
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Table quotes
Live stock prices and related financial indicators in tabular format.
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Table history
Historical stock OHLCV data.
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Investments tracking and real-time valuation.
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Stock quotes and charts in animated accordion.
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Historical stock charts — intraday and daily.
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Search autocomlete dropdown with redirect to individual asset page.
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Key indicators comparison on a doughnut chart.
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Side by side stock quotes and key indicators comparison.
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Full width blocks with live stock prices and key indicators.
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Scrolling ticker with real-time stock quotes and charts.
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Stock quotes animated using a typewriter effect.
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Stock prices animated using smooth digits scrolling.
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Elegant popup notifications with live stock prices.
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Stock performance visualization using a gauge.
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Why Premium Stock Market Widgets?

Wide range of markets

The plugin supports Forex and many stock exchanges across the world, including, but not limited to: NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange (including TSXV), London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange, Singapore Exchange and others.

Live and historical market data

Both real-time (delayed) and historical quotes are provided.

Different asset classes

Apart from currencies and stocks other asset types are also supported. These include major commodities, exchange traded funds (ETF), mutual funds, US Treasury notes / bonds.


Static text strings can be translated to any language. Numbers can be formatted using decimal and thousand separators adopted in your country. Locale for dates display can also be selected.

Design that stands out

A variety of carefully crafted widget types, templates and styles. Compatible with all modern browsers. Responsive on mobiles and tablets.

Unique visualizations

Gauge, typewriter effect, toasts and more.

Add a stock market widget to your website in 3 easy steps

Configure widget

Choose your widget and adjust its parameters using built-in configuration tool.

Copy shortcode

Copy the generated widget shortcode.

Paste it to a page

Paste the shortcode to a WordPress page / post or a PHP page.

Last, but not least

Constant updates

Professional support

Built by Envato elite

Optimized performance

Modern technology stack

Best value for money

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