Inline Stock Market Widgets

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Inline Stock Market Widgets

Inline widgets allow you to natively integrate stock quotes into text paragraphs, headlines, sidebars and other blocks. It is extremely useful when you write news articles and want to include some market data, which would always be up-to-date irrespective of when a visitor reads the article.

Stock price analysis

During last trading day Apple Inc. shares were traded in the range of . Current price reaches . With total market cap of it's still one of the top stocks. Google (Alphabet) hasn’t been able to sustain above and is now trading at (total daily trading volume is ). Microsoft stock price reached , putting its market value at .

Will Tesla ever reach Amazon's market cap of ?

Widget features

Live (delayed) market data
Ability to choose any available asset (stock, currency etc)
Ability to mix static text with live market data using substitute variables
Display styles inherited from the parent container
Ability to customize widget style further with CSS

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